St John the Evangelist Walton

Life Events

There are many occasions when we may want God to be involved in an important part of our lives. You may want to make a life long commitment to a partner in the presence of God through marriage, a renewal of vows, a thanksgiving or a marrriage blessing.

You may want to give thanks for the birth of a child, have a service of dedication or baptism in which you, together with godparents and family members make special vows in the presence of God for the nurture of your child.

You may want to give thanks for a loved one and seek God's comfort and his promises in a time of grief. All of these 'life events' are important opportunities for you to meet with God and to experience his loving presence. 

At St. John's we want to be there for you and to share with you in those special times. For more information please follow the links on the respective pages.