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From Rev’d Anita

Dear Friends,

From the beginning of June we are in what the church calls Ordinary Time.  We have been through Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost with all the drama and excitement that they bring and now we are in Ordinary Time!  The colours of purple, white and gold that we use for altar frontals and robes make way for green.

Maybe our lives are feeling a bit ordinary time too?  We’ve had exciting or dramatic times brought on by significant birthdays, family visits, new relationships or jobs or more sadly accidents, bereavement and loss or arguments, but now life is ordinary.  Nothing much exciting happens and we just potter on from one day to another.  On the other hand our society, country and world, seems to lurch from one extraordinary event to another extraordinary event.  Some things are wonderful and exciting, such as a royal birth and royal wedding and they lift our spirits for the day. Others are more concerning, the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, the deal with Iran, Brexit, knife crime ……  we can feel that in our ordinary lives we can’t make a difference.  

Yet lives lived with God are never ordinary!  The Bible tells us that we are loved by God, in fact Paul tells us in Romans that ‘nothing can separate us from the love of God’.

We are also called by God to make a difference in the world.  I sometimes listen to Radio 4’s Thought for the Day. I remember hearing, some time ago now, Rev’d Dr Maggie Dawn, when she was still Chaplain and Fellow of Robinson College, Cambridge.    She talked about how the choices we make about where we put our time and energy, however small they may seem, really do make a difference to the state of the whole world.  Jesus called us to ‘love our neighbour as ourselves’ which, amongst other things, calls us to realise that every action however small has an impact on everyone else.  The way we act in our everyday lives towards our family, at work, to those we meet is important as everyone, everyday has the potential to help build a loving, just society.

So let us never underestimate the impact of our own actions on the world around us.  Let us never see our lives as ordinary, because God has called us to work with him – and that is extraordinary!

                                                        With love





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