St John the Evangelist Walton

Letter from Rev'd Anita

From Revd Anita

Did you give anything up for Lent?  How has it been going?  As a church we have walked with Jesus on his journey to the cross during Lent and some of us have taken up something – using the Love Life, Live Lent booklet which encourages us to do something creative/kind/encouraging each day.   So for 40 days we have through ‘a pilgrimage of prayer and discipline’ hopefully grown in grace and thought about what is means to ‘learn to be your (God’s) people once again’.  And on the 16th April we will celebrate Easter day.  

Easter is a great moment of celebration when we remember the resurrection of Jesus.  Did you know that Easter like Lent is not just one day – but 50!  The resurrection is only the beginning of new life; the weeks of resurrection appearances, the ascension, the waiting in Jerusalem for the coming of the Spirit which we remember at Pentecost are all part of Easter as well.  

To remember that Easter is 50 days long is important if we arrive, for whatever reason, at Easter morning and don’t feel overjoyed or feel much hope for the future, and many of the things we were concerned about at the beginning of Lent such as the famine in South Sudan and surrounding area are still ongoing problems.  Easter is a promise that the absence of God has been pierced with light. 

The silence of the early morning is full of hope.  And the hope is that even though we may live with what feels like the frustration of only seeing the vanishing back of God we know we will one day see God’s face.  

How will living in the period of Easter affect us and change us?  Surely after Lent we can never go back to the world, the church, our life as if nothing has happened. Everywhere we go, everyone we meet will look different because we have met with Jesus.  

How can this new life can flourish?  Christians believe that in the end what truly changes us is meeting with the risen Jesus.  Why not come and join us this Easter?

Alleluia, Christ is risen   He is risen indeed, Alleluia