St John the Evangelist Walton

Family Service


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All Together!

At St John’s we have a monthly ‘Family Service’ on the 3rd Sunday.

This service is informal and fun where everyone, whatever age, can come together to worship and learn about God.  On this Sunday, the music is usually guitar led and children are involved in reading and/or leading prayers.  Sometimes the service also includes craft or games activities.  We believe sharing our pilgrimage of faith is vital for adults and children alike, and that we can learn from each other how to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

The dates for our Family Services this year are:   

         21st January

         18th February

         18th March

         15th April

         20th  May

         17th June

         15th July

         19th August

         23rd September

         21st October

         18th November

         16th December


 Our next family service is on, 18th February at 10am.  

 Lots to do, learn and experience.

We'd love to see you.